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How to Find the Right Mower for Your Lawn

Looking to improve your home’s appearance with a great lawn? You’re on the right track, a well-kept lawn gives a positive first impression of your home and may even improve its value. The key is to find a mower that balances quality with efficiency to give you that perfect cut in a timely manner.

            Mowers are designed to cut grass quickly and efficiently. They come with different size decks which cover the reach of the mower blades. For example, mowers with a 30 to 40 inch deck are designed for yards around a quarter to half an acre in size. Yards in the 3 to 5 acre range need a mower deck around 50 to 60 inches wide and yards larger than this will need at least a 72 inch deck to mow efficiently.

            Efficiency goes beyond deck size and speed, it also measures how well of a job you do during your time on the mower. Are you spending too much time trimming around trees and fences lines? A zero-turn mower may be up your alley. Zero-turn mowers steer from the back wheels and are able to pivot 180 degrees. This design means that you don’t have to backtrack and mow those patches of grass that you miss each time you go around a turn.

            Last but not least, what is your comfort level? Are you spending a lot of time on the mower? Then consider a mower with a suspension seat that will eliminate jarring and soften bumps. You’ll enjoy mowing your lawn and you’ll also feel better when you’re done. Always try out your mower for size to make sure it isn’t too small or too large. You’ll be operating the machine all Spring, Summer and Fall so make sure that it’s comfortable to use.

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